Stop making excuses, start making videos.

August 2022 | Tel Aviv

An exclusive workshop: Your opportunity to create videos with Peech, start to finish, in a 1-1 session.



Practice what you Peech

August 8th | Day for content marketers

In a content-saturated world, content marketers are tasked with helping their brand rise above the noise.



I'm the CEO, Peech!

August 9th | Special day for CEOs

Nowdays, cunsumer want to connect to the brands they use, and the best way to build an authentic relationship is by engaging with the CEO.



Peech it like a pro!

August 10th | Special day for Startups

Startups don't have huge budget and giant teams, but still need to create video content to stay ahead of the game.

How does it work? Simple.

  • Apply to Peech Days
  • The Peech content team will help you prepare your script once you're accepted.
  • Show up to your private session at your designated day and time, and learn how to stand in front of the camera with our on-site experts.
  • Record your video (and learn how to do it by yourself for next time).
  • Use Peech to automatically edit your video within minutes with Peech's product specialists.
  • Publish it however and wherever you’d like.
  • Get your “in-house team - video kit” to start creating video content right after your Peech day.

Your opportunity to create videos with Peech, start to finish.